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I’m so happy to finally announce that my Etsy shop is now open!  Also, welcome to the new companion site!

Thank you so much to each & every one of you for all of your support!  I hope you like the changes that I’ve made & there is so much more to come.

To start off, I’ve brought back some old favorites & have added some new items as well.

rococo mermaid journal

What’s New?

Along with my original art pieces, I will now also be offering:

• Journals featuring original illustrations

• Decals/Stickers

• Jewelry

+ more to come!

Important Changes

First, and most obvious, is the name change!  I’m “rocknrococo” on everything else, so it was only a matter of time before that transition would happen.

Why?…Rock music & the Rococo era are my two biggest style influences.  The name reflects the origins of inspiration.  “Alternative Opulence” is an apropos slogan for that reason.

Next…I’ve decided not to list as much fan art on Etsy.  I will still include things every now and then & I will post some for sale on IG.  I’m also still taking commissions so if you would like a piece of fan art done for that purpose then that is 100% doable!  Just contact me via the shop or the Contact page on this site.

Why?  I want to concentrate more on creating my own original concepts & characters.


What To Expect

I will continue to carry art based off my favorite styles:  Rococopunk, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Southern Gothic, etc.

I will mostly offer original art pieces but am also planning to expand the types of items that I offer (as listed above).


Are always welcome!  If you’d like to contact me for a special project, just shoot me a message.

Thanks again for sticking with me & if you’re new, then thank you for coming to check things out!  I will keep this site regularly updated so please check back for more behind-the-scenes information!

Feel free to look around the site & also head over to the “Shop” tab to check out the Etsy store (or follow the direct link HERE).


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