Studio Session

studio session 1

While I do try to work on things throughout the week, Friday night remains my designated “Studio Session” time.  It’s an uninterrupted block of time where I can focus all of my energy into my projects.

Over the past year or so this time has mostly been used for illustrations but recently I’ve felt like dipping my brush back into the painting pool.  Full Disclosure:  I generally prefer to work with acrylic because that’s what I used as a self-taught artist before I went to college.  However, I do love the experience of working with oils as well.  It’s difficult to explain well but working with oils feels a lot like the paint itself, it’s more free-flowing.  This is why I generally use oils for landscape paintings (which I used to be really big into doing back in college).  The brush strokes maintained in oil help give life to an image by creating a sense of movement.  But I digress.  I’ve decided to start making time to paint more because I was really missing it!

Right now I really love painting for ambiance.  I think I spend more time considering my color story and source of light than I really do thinking about the subject matter.  Not to say that the content isn’t important.  Once I’ve sat down to work, I’ve long-decided what the content was, so all the real work goes into conveying a mood.

foggy stroll‘Foggy Stroll’ / Oil

Last night I painted an oil study; and keeping with my recent creations of mini-art, I painted it on 3″x3″ canvas.  Which, I confess, was a bit difficult because I’m used to painting on large canvases.

This may or may not go up in the shop later.  I might want to keep it on my desk.  I haven’t decided yet.

Another huge part of my studio sessions is the music that I listen to while I work.  It inspires me and keeps my momentum going.  So for fun, here’s just a few of the tracks that I enjoyed listening to while I painted this piece!:

‣ ‘Warship My Wreck’ – Marilyn Manson

‣ ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ – Rob Zombie

‣ ‘Get Right Church’ – Ben Miller Band

‣ ‘Graves’ – Whiskey Shivers

Thanks for reading about my process a bit & I hope you have a great weekend!  Also, check back soon because I will be posting up a free gift to you all!


Art is copyright © Dez Schwartz 2015
These images are not for reproduction of any kind.  Please contact me if you would like to use an image & also be sure to give credit.  Thanks, dolls! x


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