Alternative Opulence: Rococopunk Inspiration

rococopunk girls

“I like this, I don’t like that” is the ultimate individualism that sustains the very foundation of Rococo. Rococo, therefore, embodies the spirit of punk rock and anarchism more than any philosophy. Only in Rococo—elegant yet in bad taste, extravagant yet defiant and lawless—can I discover the meaning of life.”
Novala Takemoto, Kamikaze Girls

The main way to stay consistently inspired is to consistently explore.  Research, peruse, progress.  Find things you love & cast off what you don’t.  Immerse yourself & keep the things that made your heart flutter most.  When you’re unable to go out into the world & find these things in person then the internet is the best tool that we have (besides, of course, a grand library!).

Here are some of my favorite recent “Rococopunk”-style finds for inspiration (click images for source info):

rococopunk chandelier

rococopunk makeup

rococopunk chair

rococopunk monster high


rococpunk wildfox1

rococopunk wildfox2

And of course, you can’t go wrong with some Bowie in the mix…

David Bowie rococo

I hope you enjoyed this feature!  I’ll be doing more “style / inspiration” posts in the future.

Thanks for stopping by, lovelies! x


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