Haunted Bayou – Southern Gothic

Marie Laveaus Ron Foxx

Southern Gothic, like most things, has branched into a plethora of sub-genres.  My personal favorite is the New Orleans-inspired gothic aesthetic.  It’s been a popular one for decades & has recently been featured in a lot of cable television series.

I think it’s my favorite because of the obvious reasons: ghosts & vampires haunting the French Quarter, mysterious voodoo practices, etc.  Visually, though, it also grabs me.  There’s an abundance of darker gothic tones mixing with the rich and vibrant splashes of French artistic influence.  The swamps & bayous are equally mysterious and colorful.  Overall, that’s what makes it so appealing for me as an artist; there are endless “stories” to be inspired by & a wide range of color palettes and ambiance to work with.  You can have a bright & jazzy piece or a dark macabre piece and still be working within the same genre.

black swamp

So I’ve deemed my own inspired brand of Southern Gothic art as the “Haunted Bayou”.  Here are some great items that I’ve found on Etsy recently to go along with it!  I curated this treasury to share with you.:

Haunted Bayou Etsy Treasury

(If you see something you like, just click on the image to be taken to Etsy.)

Thanks for checking out another one of my sources of inspiration!  I felt like it would be a great time to share it since it’s Mardi Gras season.  Do you also enjoy New Orleans inspired gothic?  Or is Western Southern Gothic more your thing?  Or something else entirely?  Leave a comment!  I love exploring new genres and art styles!

Stop by again soon & thanks for reading! x

bayou wallpaper


Images from Ron Foxx on Flickr, Pinterest, & Windows 8 Wallpapers

Items from various sellers on Etsy; please click through for direct links.


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