Current Loves

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Each month, on my sidebar to the right, I update my Current Loves.  These are things that are currently inspiring me or just putting a smile on my face.  I thought it would also be fun to share a weekly (or bi-weekly; we’ll see) list of some of the many things that have currently caught my fancy.

current loves 1

❤ I will cover one from my side list because if you haven’t seen Dragon the piebald deer then you’re really missing out!  Such a cutie!!

❤ I rarely wear hats (even though I draw a lot of them!) but I do like to wear beanies from time to time & I absolutely adore this Peter Pan one.

current loves 2

❤ These wallpapers are amazing!  I’m not really sure how one would look in my home but I would be willing to test it out.  I love the fairytale atmosphere they create.

❤ Speaking of fairytales, these custom books are brilliant!  I think it would be fun to make one for a planner or even as a scrapbook.

current loves 3

❤ I’m in love with this fresh feminine palette.  I think it’s perfect for summertime!  I’ve been incorporating a lot of purples and blues into everything lately.

❤ I really like the simplistic design of this Lunar Cycle Necklace.  It’s so relaxing & calming and would go great with pretty much any outfit.

Those are a few of the things that I’m currently loving.  I hope you liked them too!

Thanks for reading & stay creative! x- Dez


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