Historical Fashion: Regency Era Hats

regency hats

(Illustration © Rocknrococo)

During the Regency era, hats were typically part of your everyday wardrobe.  They not only served the obvious practical purposes but they were also used as symbols of status, marital state, & fashionability.  For this reason, hats during this time offered many options from the simple everyday bonnet to grandiose displays of feathers, flowers, and whatever other accents a lady might deem worthy to sit atop her head.  Men typically favored top hats and these also ranged from simple to bold & colorful (also short & tall).


Regency era hats are not only extremely fun to draw but also fun to wear.  If you’re looking for one to go with your costume/cosplay or just to add to a collection, here are some favorites that I’ve found:

regency straw bonnet

Country-Style Straw Trimmed Bonnet by FashionsFromThePast

regency day bonnet

Day Bonnet by MattiOnline


Brown Top Hat by Gentleman’s Emporium


Black Top Hat by Gentleman’s Emporium

Using my regency hats illustration, I’ve also designed this cute print that you can now find on Society6.


(Illustration © Rocknrococo // Prints, Totes, Mugs, etc. can be found on Society6)

20846892_3641701-bagtote16_pm 20846952_10299337-mugs11_pm

Are you a fan of regency fashion?  Do you have pics of yourself in an Austen-era outfit?  Let me know in the comments & link to your blog or pictures.  I would love to see!

Thanks for reading! x – Dez


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