Studio Sessions Vol. 5: Return to Geekery


Technically, I never really left my geek roots but I had pulled away a bit to focus on more original content.  While that’s all well & good, I’ve discovered that I need a healthy balance of my interests so that I don’t experience artist burn-out.  So, I let myself get back to also making fan art.

I dived back in with this illustration of Paul since it’s one of my husband’s favorite films.

regency hats

Earlier in the week, I designed some colorful Regency era hats that I used in one of my blog posts and in a print that I have available on Society6.


I sketched out a mischievous magician one evening.  I’m not really sure if I’ll go anywhere further with this one.  We’ll see.  It was just an idea that I wanted to jot down.

sailor mew

I also continued working on sketchcards in preparation for West Texas Table Top Con.  Although, my daughter has already called dibs on this Sailor Mew card. 🙂


I hope you guys like cats because I have a feeling that I will probably end up drawing a lot of them!  They are just so adorable and so much fun to sketch.  Johnlockitty is up on my Etsy now.

Thanks for reading! x – Dez


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