5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Aliens

5 Fandom Friday

This week it’s all about favorite aliens!  Now, I’m sure I’m probably going to think of some more later & be like, d’oh!  But I’m only on my first cup of coffee.  So, anyway, here are 5 of my favorite aliens:

5.) Loki


I’m in Loki’s Army, so of course I have to include him.  Plus, he has mad style.

4.) The Mooninites


Back when Aqua Teen Hunger Force was still ATHF.  I don’t even know what they’re calling that show these days or if these characters are even still on it.  But back in the day, I could not get enough of them.  They were hilarious.

3.) Dr. Zoidberg


You love all the other aliens, why not Zoidberg?

2.) Spock


Does a half-human half-vulcan count?  If so, Spock definitely gets one of the top spots on my list.

1.) The Doctor


I think if you’ve ever watched this show at all then you have to have The Doctor as the #1 alien on your list.  He’s everything we could ever want an alien to be. (Yes, I am using David Tennant because I’m biased. lol  I love all the Doctor’s regenerations but The Tenth will always be my favorite.)

Who are your favorite aliens?  Feel free to play along on your blog & link in the comments!  Thanks for reading! x – Dez


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