5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Spinoff Ideas

5 Fandom Friday

I’ll preface this by saying my viewpoints will be controversial to other fans that share the same fandoms because I am biased about my favorite characters. lol  Also, I hope some of these aren’t spoilers but if they are then please forgive me.  I know not your extent of knowledge in these fandoms!

This week the topic is 5 Favorite Spinoff Ideas.  Here we go!

5.) – Buffy – The New Watchers Council

andrew wells

I will freely admit that I do not read the comics, which are supposed to be a continuation of both the Buffy/Angel series’.  No, I do not know what has gone on in them & I only take my knowledge from the television shows.  I tried to read the Buffy comic when it first started and only got a few issues in before feeling frustrated with the depictions of some of the characters….So, that being said, based on the knowledge I have, one spinoff that I always thought would be fun is seeing a new (more progressive) Watchers Council formed under the management of Giles & Andrew.  I think there’s a lot that could happen there and I love Joss Whedon’s ability to make regular people just as much of heros even without their own “superpowers”.

4 & 3.) Parasol Protectorate – Lyall & Biffy – Lord Akeldama

tumblr_m94867tLWv1rols59o1_500 pic20140409204525_zpsff3f2bd7

This one is a two-for.  I had to use pictures from the manga adaptation (Fan art on these guys is greatly lacking!  I will have to remedy that myself, methinks…) but I’m really talking about the novels.  I think Lord Akeldama is everyone’s obvious choice for a spinoff series.  He’s powerful, sassy, and endlessly mysterious.  I would also like to see another spinoff series set in the future (once they’re back in each other’s lives *if you’ve read it then you’ll understand the stipulation*) and what adventures they might get wrapped up in then.

2.) Ghostbusters – Rookies


Sorry, but I hate that we’re having a reboot.  I choose to believe that it’s an alternate dimension story so that I don’t have to get all upset about it.  All I wanted was a sequel & I would have settled for a spinoff.  Ghostbusters has been my #1 fandom since I was a toddler.  As a teen (back when AOL was the bomb . com), I used to write fan fics and RPG in AOL chat groups.  Now I make fan art.  One thing that I wrote about back in the day was the idea of a spinoff.  Obviously, Oscar could be groomed up to be the new lead and insert some other college-age characters (both male & female), give them their own franchise, and there you go.  I wrote about it a long time ago & honestly, I would have liked to have seen something like that in tv series form.  Think CW show (and even some original character cameos & guest appearances).  It could’ve been great.

1.) True Blood – New Blood

new blood

I honestly miss this show more than I thought I would!  I need my Eric & Pam fix!  The show title even writes itself, New Blood.  With such dynamic personalities and so much character history and development there would always be more that could happen with these two.  I’d love to see them on my screen again.

What do you think?  What are your favorite spinoff ideas?

Thanks for reading! x – Dez


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