Studio Sessions Vol. 7: Sketch Cards & Commissions

real ghostbusters egon sketch card

It had been a hot minute since I drew some sketch cards.  I will be adding them to my Etsy shop soon and I might also make some other items with these illustrations, so if you like them then be on the lookout for new things to come.

steven universe rose quartz sketch card

jurassic world illustration

I also finished up this fun commission of Chris Pratt & Blue having sno-cones on a ferris wheel.  lol

I’ll be working on more sketch cards soon, plus, I plan on bringing some new items to the shop over the next few months (stickers, new post cards, and maybe even mouse pads; among other things), so please keep checking back!  I am also still listing original illustrations.

Some Items of Note:

*Up-Coming Events*

West Texas Table Top Con (Aug. 15-16) – I will have an artist booth.  Please stop by & visit!


Commissions are now on hold until after West Texas Table Top Con.  I will make an announcement when they open back up.  Thanks for your inquiries!

*Art Trades*

Due to my tight schedule, I am on hiatus as far as art trades go.  I will also make an announcement when/if I am ready to do them again.

Thank you so much for all of your support & as always, thanks for reading! x – Dez


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