Studio Sessions Vol. 5: Return to Geekery


Technically, I never really left my geek roots but I had pulled away a bit to focus on more original content.  While that’s all well & good, I’ve discovered that I need a healthy balance of my interests so that I don’t experience artist burn-out.  So, I let myself get back to also making fan art.

I dived back in with this illustration of Paul since it’s one of my husband’s favorite films.

regency hats

Earlier in the week, I designed some colorful Regency era hats that I used in one of my blog posts and in a print that I have available on Society6.


I sketched out a mischievous magician one evening.  I’m not really sure if I’ll go anywhere further with this one.  We’ll see.  It was just an idea that I wanted to jot down.

sailor mew

I also continued working on sketchcards in preparation for West Texas Table Top Con.  Although, my daughter has already called dibs on this Sailor Mew card. 🙂


I hope you guys like cats because I have a feeling that I will probably end up drawing a lot of them!  They are just so adorable and so much fun to sketch.  Johnlockitty is up on my Etsy now.

Thanks for reading! x – Dez


Bookish Tea Party


I’m carrying this over from Instagram because I feel like this will work well in blog form.  This is a game called Bookish Tea Party in which you are to list seven people (living or dead) that you would like to share some tea with!  I’m following along from JaneToMyAusten and Claire Marie Lucas & here’s my list:

1.) – Tom Hiddleston – I feel like this has to be the first obvious choice for anyone playing this game.  Tom Hiddleston just screams tea party.



2.) – J.R.R. Tolkien – My favorite author of all-time!  I’ve been obsessed with his stories since I was five years old (the first time I heard ‘The Hobbit’).  I would love to be able to tell him that & also hear any other stories that he’d be willing to chat about over tea.

3.) – Lee Pace – He posts enough pictures of himself eating/drinking that I feel like I already know what it would be like to have tea with him & it looks like it’d be a pretty good time.

4.) – Gail Carriger – My current favorite author.  She’s amazing!  I love everything about her.  I would love to talk about historical fashion, steampunk, & ask what’s new with her character Lord Akeldama.

5.) – Simon Pegg – Who wouldn’t want to have tea with Simon Pegg?!?!  It would be a riot.

6.) – Benedict Cumberbatch – I would make him quote Sherlock things.  haha

7.) – Guillermo del Toro – The more that I learn about one of my favorite filmmakers, the more that I realize how MUCH we have in common.  Seriously, it’s crazy.  I would love to bounce ideas off him, geek out about our favorite artists together, and see if he would spill any details about his future projects.  That would be an AMAZING tea time!


(Illustration by meganlee)

I tag anyone that wants to play along!  Link up in the comments!  Who would you like to have tea with?

Thanks for reading! x – Dez

Historical Fashion: Regency Era Hats

regency hats

(Illustration © Rocknrococo)

During the Regency era, hats were typically part of your everyday wardrobe.  They not only served the obvious practical purposes but they were also used as symbols of status, marital state, & fashionability.  For this reason, hats during this time offered many options from the simple everyday bonnet to grandiose displays of feathers, flowers, and whatever other accents a lady might deem worthy to sit atop her head.  Men typically favored top hats and these also ranged from simple to bold & colorful (also short & tall).


Regency era hats are not only extremely fun to draw but also fun to wear.  If you’re looking for one to go with your costume/cosplay or just to add to a collection, here are some favorites that I’ve found:

regency straw bonnet

Country-Style Straw Trimmed Bonnet by FashionsFromThePast

regency day bonnet

Day Bonnet by MattiOnline


Brown Top Hat by Gentleman’s Emporium


Black Top Hat by Gentleman’s Emporium

Using my regency hats illustration, I’ve also designed this cute print that you can now find on Society6.


(Illustration © Rocknrococo // Prints, Totes, Mugs, etc. can be found on Society6)

20846892_3641701-bagtote16_pm 20846952_10299337-mugs11_pm

Are you a fan of regency fashion?  Do you have pics of yourself in an Austen-era outfit?  Let me know in the comments & link to your blog or pictures.  I would love to see!

Thanks for reading! x – Dez

Studio Sessions Vol. 4: Get Your Geek On

west texas table top con sketchcards

This week I focused on ideas for my booth at the upcoming West Texas Table Top Con.  Having historical fiction work & Steampunk art is fine but I wanted to include some special pieces that would be more relevant to the convention.  I now have a huge list of ideas written up in my planner that I can’t wait to draw!  Here are a couple of sketchcards that will be available at the con.  Crit Happens & Dragon Kitty.

I’ll post more updates along the way.

Thanks for reading & stay creative! x – Dez

Current Loves

current loves headert

Each month, on my sidebar to the right, I update my Current Loves.  These are things that are currently inspiring me or just putting a smile on my face.  I thought it would also be fun to share a weekly (or bi-weekly; we’ll see) list of some of the many things that have currently caught my fancy.

current loves 1

❤ I will cover one from my side list because if you haven’t seen Dragon the piebald deer then you’re really missing out!  Such a cutie!!

❤ I rarely wear hats (even though I draw a lot of them!) but I do like to wear beanies from time to time & I absolutely adore this Peter Pan one.

current loves 2

❤ These wallpapers are amazing!  I’m not really sure how one would look in my home but I would be willing to test it out.  I love the fairytale atmosphere they create.

❤ Speaking of fairytales, these custom books are brilliant!  I think it would be fun to make one for a planner or even as a scrapbook.

current loves 3

❤ I’m in love with this fresh feminine palette.  I think it’s perfect for summertime!  I’ve been incorporating a lot of purples and blues into everything lately.

❤ I really like the simplistic design of this Lunar Cycle Necklace.  It’s so relaxing & calming and would go great with pretty much any outfit.

Those are a few of the things that I’m currently loving.  I hope you liked them too!

Thanks for reading & stay creative! x- Dez

What’s On My Desk: My Art Supplies Recommendations For Mini Art

Mini Art RocknRococo

Let me preface this post with the fact that mini art can be made from anything.  They can be collages, paintings, etc.  I’m just going to focus on marker illustrations for this list since those are the type that I create the most.

Today I’d like to share my favorite art supplies for making mini art.  I would say that the question that I get asked the most by other artists is what kind of markers & inking pens I use to get such vibrant colors.  I’ll show you in just a moment!  Let’s start with the basics first.

ATCs RocknRococo

In full disclosure, while I do own a few sets of professional grade graphite pencils, I actually do most of my sketching with simple BIC mechanical pencils.  They are efficient & get the job done; plus, I actually really like their erasers.  (Now, when I do a full graphite drawing then I use my professional grade ones.  But for sketching, mechanical pencils do just fine!)

Bristol ATCs

You can use any paper for this but I prefer to use Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper (3.5″x2.5″; cut to size if smaller is needed).  You can purchase these at most craft stores & they are also easily found online.

Fiskars Corner Punch

If I choose to have rounded edges then I like to use my Fiskars Edge Punch.  You could just cut them with scissors but I like to have a clean even look, so this guarantees they will all be cut exactly the same.  These punches can also be found at most craft stores & online.

Inking Pens RocknRococo

After my sketch is complete, I choose what kind of line that I want the image to have.  Typically, I will go with a black ink & for this I mostly use Prismacolor Premier Fine Line Markers (also, I mostly uses sizes 005, 03, & 08).  Every now & then, though, with some pieces (usually Steampunk) I like to use these Copic Sepia Multiliner Pens.  Now, the other three that you see to the right are used after the illustration is colored.  I use these Gelly Roll pens to add highlights that really help the image pop.

Copic Markers RocknRococo

My babies!!! (j/k)  I could write an entire post on how much I love Copic markers but I’ll spare you from that.  I would be gushing on fangirl levels of intensity.  🙂  Long story short, Copics are my go-to marker for pretty much any project!  This is my small collection.  I take note of what color palettes I enjoy using the most & make sure that when I buy new markers I get ones that I know I will use a lot (since they can be pricey; however, I am definitely a fan of utilizing store coupons for these!).

Minature Ornate Frames RocknRococo

The other thing that I’ve amassed a collection of supplies of are these small ornate frames.  I also get asked about them a lot & the truth is that they are very easy to find.  Most stores carry them in their framing departments & even in the dollar sections.  Every time I go to a craft store, I swing by to see if they have any that fit my general aesthetic.  That way, I always have the perfect frame on hand!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of some of my favorite art supplies.  Do you make mini art?  If so, what supplies do you prefer to use, or do you like the same ones I do?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading & stay creative! x- Dez

Studio Sessions Vol. 3: Dirigibles & Conventions

rococo dirigible

This past week was spent making plans for the upcoming West Texas Table Top Con that I’m going to be vending at.  It will be my first art booth in about 4 years!  I’m very excited & have been working on a number of ideas and new items to take there.

One of the things that I will have available are my framed mini-art pieces, including this rococo dirigible carrying an impressive cargo of giant macarons!  I wonder who would own a company that would make gigantic macarons…very Marie Antoinette!  I will have to draw this opulent businesswoman some day.  🙂

I met up for coffee & planning with Christina of Lucky Little One this past week to bounce some ideas around.  We’re teaming up together for the convention & are hoping to find some other geeky girls who would be interested in having booths.  Christina makes a lot of adorable crochet items for kawaii geeks!  One of my favorites is this Hello Kitty inspired beanie.

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.19.04 AM

You should check out her shop!  And of course, if you’re in town in August, please stop in at the convention and say “Hello!”.

I hope you are all having a great summer so far!

Thanks for reading! x – Dez

Historical Fashion: Waistcoats


As you can probably guess, one of the things that I draw MANY of are waistcoats.  For whatever strange reason, I think they are probably my favorite historical fashion item.  Perhaps it’s because they were one of the few ways that men could show some individuality & personality in their clothing.  Women have always had a lot of choices in that department but I think men (especially in time period fashion) are relegated to waistcoats and hats.  Anyway, whatever the draw is, I absolutely LOVE them.  I wish they were still everyday fashion.  You really can’t go wrong with a waistcoat.

If you know a dapper gent who’d like to rock one, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites at various price ranges.  Enjoy!


18th Century Rococo by MattiOnline


Vintage Waistcoat from BWBritishVintage


Steampunk Waistcoats by Steamersdream


Waistcoats by milanoo_fashion


Aristocrat Waistcoat by Gentleman’s Emporium


Regency Waistcoat by royalcostumes

There are also a lot of affordable options on Amazon if you would like to find more.  They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  I don’t know about all that but I do think waistcoats one of men’s greatest fashion companions.  What do you think?


Thanks for reading! x- Dez